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3 Traveling Tips For Denture Wearers

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Wearing and caring for a set of dentures may seem intimidating and time-consuming, especially if you haven't met with an experienced dentist to discuss your concerns. You may worry about whether you can enjoy the foods you once loved or fear that you won't be able to explore the world with your partner. Luckily, traveling with dentures is a breeze -- and maintaining them requires about the same amount of time and effort as you once spent caring for your regular teeth. Enjoy a hassle-free vacation by trying these three tips.

Schedule Your Trip Several Weeks After Your Dental Exam

Some patients experience minor discomfort immediately after a dental exam, regardless of whether they wear dentures or have a full set of traditional teeth. Book an appointment with a trusted dental provider a few weeks before your trip so that you feel great during your vacation. You might consider postponing your dental checkup until after the trip, but that isn't always the best plan. If you have issues that are commonly caused by ill-fitting dentures, such as clicking or whistling, your dentist can rebase or reline the denture prior to your trip.

Bring Adhesives With You

Even if you usually avoid adhesives, you might find yourself wishing you had some during your trip. Adhesives come in several forms, including powder and paste, and can help your teeth remain firmly in place. This helps provide peace of mind as you dine, dance, or participate in water sports. It also ensures that you can smile confidently in all of your vacation photos, because you won't have to worry about a loose or lopsided denture.

Request an Extra Ice Bucket

You may soak your teeth in the sink at home, but do you really want to do that in a hotel bathroom that numerous guests have used? Ask the front desk for an extra ice bucket when you check in, and use it to clean your teeth before bed each night. Make sure to use dental-appropriate cleansers rather than regular toothpaste or soap, as other products may damage your denture.

Dentures don't always last forever, and that isn't necessarily the fault of their owners. If something does go wrong on your vacation, you can visit one of the top-notch dental clinics in your area when you return home. A skilled dental practitioner can reline your dentures or insert a brand new pair, so you can get back to showing off your gorgeous smile again in a jiffy.

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