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Comparing Dental Floss And Water Picks

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Cleaning between your teeth is a difficult procedure, and is something that you cannot accomplish from simply brushing. The two most common methods for cleaning between your teeth are dental floss, which is a simple piece of waxed string, and a water pick, which uses a relatively high pressure stream of water to reach between your teeth.

Both of these oral health care products have their pros and cons, and understanding the differences between the two can help you decide which one best suits your needs:

Dental Floss

Dental floss is the most common method of cleaning between your teeth, as well as the cheaper of the two options. Dental floss is very simple to use, and requires little training or practice to work properly. However, it can be painful to use, and can cut your fingers and gums if used too forcefully. Dental floss is also extremely easy to transport and travel with, as it comes in small packages. Dental floss can also be used almost everywhere, as you don't even need a mirror to properly floss your teeth.

However, most dentists will recommend flossing regularly because it is effective at promoting good tooth and gum health. Once you begin flossing regularly, it is impossible for plaque or food to build-up between your teeth, ensuring good dental health and preventing bad breathe.

Water Picks

A water pick is a piece of specialized oral care equipment that pump water in a concentrated stream, and can be used to remove food particles from between your teeth. The main advantage that a water pick has over dental floss is the fact that it is pain free, and cannot cause bleeding of your gums or hurt your fingers while using it. This makes it a fairly popular option for most people, as flossing is generally regarded as a painful hassle.

However, water picks are significantly more expensive than dental floss, and are much harder to travel with as they take up more space. Furthermore, water picks are not as effective as dental floss. While they can remove food particles from between your teeth, they are basically just rinsing your mouth out, and will not be able to remove plaque or food that has become solidly wedged between your teeth.

Furthermore, water picks are more of a hassle to use, as they require access to a mirror and tap in order to work properly, which means that you are unable to clean your teeth at a moment's notice.

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