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No Pain From A Cavity: Why You Need To Get Treated

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Did the pain from your cavity go away so you are holding back on making a dental appointment? All though you may feel more comfortable with the pain gone, your oral health is at risk of becoming worse if you don't seek prompt treatment. Find out below why it is not a good sign when cavity pain goes away without treatment, as well as what a dentist will charge to help.

Why is Fast Help from a Dentist Needed When Cavity Pain Leaves?

When you are dealing with bad cavity pain and it suddenly goes away, it is due to the nerves dying in the pulp chamber. It is dangerous for nerves to die because you need them to know when there is something wrong with your oral health. For instance, if you happen to get a gum infection with dead nerves, you may not know it's present until it develops into something worse. Infected gums that are left untreated can cause an abscess to form, which is toxic to your bloodstream.

A dentist will have to treat the dead nerves in the pulp chamber with a root canal, especially if there is an abscess present. Basically, he or she will dig deep inside of the canal of your tooth to remove the dead nerves with a dental tool. Damaged blood vessels will also be removed during the root canal procedure. Depending on the depth of the cavity, a drill may have to be used to drill a hole in the enamel of your tooth.

After dead pulp is removed, a dose of antibiotics may be administered to treat the infection. The hole in your tooth will then be filled with dental putty. You will get a prescription for antibiotics when your appointment is over. Pain medication will also be prescribed to help you cope with any pain that is present from the root canal.

What Does Getting a Cavity Treated with Dead Nerves Cost?

The root canal should cost between $300 and $2,000 for a dentist to treat, but you will spend less money with dental insurance coverage. You should expect to spend a minimum of $50 to get your cavity filled. A cavity filling can cost as much as over $450 on the highest end of the scale, depending on the type of filling that is used. Contact a dental clinic like Ottawa Street Dental to get the dead nerves in your cavity treated!